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Hi my name is Kenda. I'm a Natural Health Coach and Consultant. I specialize in helping people to detox and heal using natural remedies.

The most pressing issue at present is the vaccine, 5G radiation and the harmful effects of each. In light of that, I want to offer you some information about detoxing (from these harmful effects) and how to stay healthy in general with food and supplements (or how to fight illness if you get sick).

Hence, you will find some resources to help you stay healthy naturally, as well as some resources for detoxing from the vaccine and from radiation poisoning.

I hope you find what you need. Please reach out if you need more help. My email is kendamogford@protonmail.com.


Available Products

1:1 Eczema Coaching

Interested in getting personalized support to help you heal eczema for good so you can leave your itchy, sore skin in the past and get on with your life? If so, this is for you.

Your (pdf) chart includes:

Antibacterial & antiviral chart - These fruits, veggies, herbs & supplements will help you to fight viruses and bacteria naturally so you can be preventative with your health.

Your toolkit includes:

  • Food & symptom diary - Keep track of the food you eat and your symptoms so you can discover the foods that are making you sick
  • Elimination diet guide - Learn how to remove harmful foods from your diet so you can begin healing

Your toolkit includes:

  • Clean 15 dirty dozen wallet cards - These handy cards make shopping for produce simple. Find produce with the least amount of pesticides so you can buy clean produce every time you shop!
  • Weekly meal planner and shopping list - This makes meal planning so easy, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Using a meal planner is a game-changer!

This FREE video series includes:

✅ The cause of eczema

✅ A myth about eczema

✅ How to heal eczema

✅ A secret 5-min hack for instant eczema itch relief

✅ How to overcome the obstacles and challenges of healing eczema

✅ The 5 big mistakes that are keeping you from healing eczema

✅ And more!

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