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Welcome to How to Detox your Life!

Hi there, my name is Kenda. I'm a Natural Health Coach and Consultant turned Human Rights Activist.

I have always been passionate about justice and when our rights in Canada started to be comprised in 2020-21 I was drawn to the fight.

A decision about personal health is a choice that must be left to the person. It is an individual's right to decide what goes into their body.

Current mandates are illegal. Citizens and businesses are committing indictable offences by forcing masking and proof of vaccination.

In light of that, I have compiled a list of resources to help you stand up for your God-given rights.

It's also important to stay healthy right now as the vaccine is constantly creating new variants as well as the transmission of the spike protein and graphene oxide that is causing harm.

There is also a need to detox from radiation poisoning as 5G continues to be rolled out.

Hence, I will also provide some resources to help you stay healthy naturally, with antivirals for example, as well as some resources for detoxing from radiation poisoning and to connect you with non-discriminatory resources (medical, travel, etc).

I hope you find what you need. Please reach out if you need more help. My email is kendamogford@protonmail.com.


P.S. I am still in the process of making these resources available to you.

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