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1:1 Eczema Coaching

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Please complete the application and let's find out if you're a good fit for my eczema program.

1:1 Eczema Coaching


I am passionate about helping naturally-minded mamas heal chronic illness and autoimmune conditions. I specialize in helping women and their children heal eczema.

How Can I Help You?

I can help you by providing support, education, guidance and resources to help you heal eczema naturally and ultimately, help you eradicate your symptoms so you can begin feeling better.

What's the Process?

You complete an application so I can assess if my eczema coaching program is a good fit for you. If the answer is yes, I will send you a link to purchase and we can get started with your healing plan.

Learn What Causes Eczema

I will explain what causes eczema so you will understand how to avoid it in the future.

Discover Problematic Foods

You will learn about the 3 foods that you must omit from your diet (at least, to begin with) so you can begin feeling better and we'll discuss a plan for you to remove those foods in a way that suits your needs.

Discover Healing Foods

You will learn about foods that help to cleanse your body of viruses, bacteria and toxins as well as how to detox heavy metals from your body (2 critical steps for healing).

Discover Healthier Food Substitutions

I will help you find food substitutions to replace the problematic foods that are removed from your diet.

Restore Critical Processes

You will learn how to restore hydrochloric acid (stomach acid), good bacteria, Vitamin B12 and, in the process, you'll restore your liver which is at the heart of healing eczema.

Cleanse and Detox

I will introduce you to cleanses and detox methods that are especially helpful for healing.

Education and Resources

You will learn about other triggers and additional problem areas you need to be aware of when trying to heal eczema. In addition, I will give you access to additional resources to help you through the healing process.

Accountability Partner

I know from personal experience, making these changes is not easy. It can be very challenging. I will be here to offer you support and guidance through the entire journey.

Apply Below

Click the button below to complete an application so we can decide if you're a good fit and I can learn a bit more about your situation.


  • Three-month coaching package: $1497 (Cdn)
  • Payment plan: $549 (Cdn)/month for 3 months


Sessions are held via Zoho, Skype, FB messenger or IG chat.


If you have any questions, you can review the FAQs about my program here, you can click on the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of this page or you can send me an email at kenda@howtodetoxyourlife.ca.

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